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Acting Workshops with Candice Cain

Acting for the Camera Workshop

  • Learn the differences between acting for the camera and acting for the stage. Exercises done en masse.

  • Learn the different terminology used on set. 

  • Ages 8 and up!

  • One hour class, 12-1pm

  • Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Audition Workshop & Critique

  • This audition workshop is set up to be held across two days, with two weeks of rehearsal period in between. March 7th & 21st!

  • Once registered, you will speak with Director Candice Cain in order to choose a monologue as an audition piece for the first workshop.

  • In the first workshop, you will present your monologue without any coaching. You will receive written notes from Candice, then work on your monologue for the two weeks in between classes.

  • In the second workshop, you will hone your monologue and present it to an audience! Ages 8 and up! One hour class, 12-1pm.

  • One hour class, 12-1pm

  • Saturday, March 7th, 2020

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